Installation and Warranty Agreement

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Labor installation is limited to installation of our product only. This labor warranty covers only defects in the product or faulty installation. This warranty does not cover breakage or abuse of the product. The length of the warranty varies accordingly to the product installed as follows:

  1. New residential windows - one (1) year from the original installation date.
  2. Dual or triple glass replacement units - (1) year from the original installation date.
  3. Sunscreens, insect screens, roll down shades and screened patios - (1) year from the original installation date.
  4. Shower doors - (1) year from the original installation date.
  5. All glass product sold and installed - (1) year from the original installation date.
  6. All window roller and door roller replacement - thirty (30) days from original installation date.

Sunscreens / Insect screens:

Phiferglas products are warranted against defects and workmanship on their materials for 10 years from the original installation date. Sunscreens will be installed with barrel clips screwed to your window frames unless otherwise specified and written below and signed. Insect screens will have new frames and be installed per specifications of the window manufacturer unless otherwise indicated below. Prior to our arrival for installation, you will need to arrange for your windows to be washed. PVGS will not wash your windows during the installation. Sunscreens are installed to withstand normal wind conditions do not include micro-burst or winds exceeding 50 miles per hour. This warranty also covers screened patios.

Golf Ball resistant screens:

These screens are golf ball resistant and are not golf ball proof. The warranty is the same as sunscreens

Insulated (dual or triple pane) glass replacement:

Warranty against fogging and stress cracks (non-impact) is five (5) years. All units will be quoted with respect to the International Building Codes (IBC) Safety Glazing Section 2406. Low Emissive (Low-E) insulated glass units have manufacturer and fabricator limitations due to the processes. Defects in the coating are permissible if not seen fifteen (15) feet or more with normal lighting conditions. After market film or other contact applications applied to the new unit will void all warranties associated with the installation and the unit.

New or Retro-fit Windows:

All warranties specified by manufacturer. During the process of the installation, PVGS will cover the floor and other areas in the proximity of the installation. To ensure there is no damage to personal items, it will be your responsibility to remove these personal items prior to installation. PVGS will vacuum and clean the installation area, but some residual dust and debris may remain. Residential homes and dwelling built prior to 1978 will have a lead paint test performed by PVGS in accordance with the EPA RRP rule effective April 22, 2010. There is no charge for the test but if lead is found, there will be an additional labor charge for installation. PVGS is a Certified Lead Safe Firm NAT 33034-1.


All warranties specified by manufacturer. PVG does not salvage or install used mirrors.

General glass replacement:

All glass replacement shall be warranted against defects in the material and stress cracks. PVG does not install used glass. All glass replacement shall meet the IBC Safety Glazing Section 2406.

Screen Doors:

Screen doors are warranted for one (1) year from the original installation date. Upgrade Marquis Screen Door frames, locking handle and rollers are warranted by Palo Verde Glass & Screen for five (5) years from the original installation date excluding the screen mesh. PVGS will not warranty the doors against strike damage, abuse or pets.

Window and door roller replacement parts:

Thirty (30) days.

Shower Doors:

All warranties specified by manufacturer. PVGS will warranty against leakage for one (1) year except heavy designer doors. Heavy glass designer doors may have small leaks due to the size and design of the shower and the sealing application you choose. PVGS is not responsible for unforeseen leaks behind tile or marble, faulty installation of materials or other incidentals beyond our estimate of such prior to the installation.

Commercial Applications:

All warranties specified by manufacturer.

Custom Orders:

All non-standard screen doors and custom glass orders are non-refundable.

All warranties are covered by the manufacturers and are the only warranties. Palo Verde Glass & Screen will not cover any material warranties specified by the manufacturer. Palo Verde Glass & Screen will cover only the labor warranties specified in this document.

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