Bug Screens



Brite-Kote Aluminum insect screening is the standard of the industry. The aluminum finish is free of streaks, easy to fabricate and long lasting. Brite aluminum is furnished as standard equipment on many windows and doors, and Phifer Brite-Kote is an ideal replacement for this material.


Vista-Weave is Phifer's aluminum screening, coated with a charcoal finish using our new eletrodeposition coating method. The finish is extremely strong and offers improved outward visibility and reduced glare. For replacing or matching charcoal screens, Vista-Weave is the first choice.



Phiferglass fiberglass screening is constructed of vinyl-coated fiberglass yarns. Phiferglass is strong, long lasting and is not easily damaged, which makes it virtually the "carefree screening." Fiberglass screening is available in a choice of several meshes and colors. It is the original equipment on many windows, particularly those windows which have "half-screens," and on many storm windows. Phiferglass is also the ideal choice for large patio enclosures and for pool enclosures.

20/30 Mesh to stop no-see-ums

Charcoal fiberglass insect screening provides:

  • Protection from small insects
  • Good outward visibility
  • Good ventilation

Also see Phifer PetScreen, a heavy-duty, pet-resistant insect screening.